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The Crimson Bridge Ministry was born directly of long time rocker Norm Campbell's decision to accept the un-earned gift of salvation paid for by Jesus on the cross.

The music he had been writing and performing for so many years now reminded him how lost, empty and unfulfilling his efforts had been. From that day forward, he would take all he had learned from his strong Bible teachers, Pastor Joe Schiavone and Pastor Mike Mills and relate it into the music he still loved, hard rock.

   Along with longtime friend, engineer and drummer Jeff Forrest, they created the sounds you hear now for the prodigal sons and daughters whom have come back to accept God's word but still need to crank up some tasty hard rock!  And for those still sitting on the fence, a safe haven of positive influence to make the choice easier.

Check out Norm's interview with Dave Kruse on the Covenant Metal Show!

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Our 3rd release, "The Solution" is now available on i-tunes, CD Baby and Amazon! 

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Update on on the band and it's members- As of now, the band will continue as a recording project until all members are available for live shows again. Our family priorities and schedules aren't permitting practice time for live performances but we will continue to write & record our music. Studio time is booked for Jan 3rd for work on a special project that we will be adding to our 5 song EP "The Solution" when it comes available in 2019 as a physical CD. More info on that asap.

Michelle Nichols, our guitarist Dave's wife was diagnosed with Leukemia and has found donors for a bone marrow transplant.  Please pray the Jan 9th surgery goes well! Dave is still operating his rug cleaning business and spending as much time with her and their two daughters as is possible.

Steve Langdon recently moved his recording studio to a new location and keeps busy playing music every weekend and teaching music during the week.

Jeff Forrest continues relentlessly at Doubletime studios and in between trips overseas to see his grandkids, he drums for a country band, Southern Reign.

Mat Busike, our live bassist is teaching music full time.

Norm Campbell is back to recording with Jeff in January on the fore-mentioned "special project" for The Crimson Bridge Ministry and has also started a new secular rock band called

"Kid Kamikaze"


are available on i-tunes, Amazon & CD Baby!