1/19/16 song titles for the upcoming CD "Choices"!

1. Black Sheep

2. Charmed Life

3. Never Letting Go

4. Drown Your Pain

5. The Great Divide

6. Steal Your Thunder

7. Cornerstone

8. That Old Man

9. Forgiven (pts. 1 & 2)

On Feb. 1st, we  started sharing lyrics to these new songs, one at a time approx. 3 weeks apart until the new CD is released! Lyrics and notes are now available for Black Sheep, Charmed Life and Never Letting Go 

Enjoy the first single "Never Letting Go" from our upcoming CD "Choices"

  • Never Letting Go 3:39

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  • The Great Divide (snippet)0:40

3/10/17Fun day in the studio with Dave, Jeff and goofball Norm

The Crimson Bridge Ministry was born directly of long time rocker Norm Campbell's decision to accept the un-earned gift of salvation paid for by Jesus on the cross.

The music he had been writing and performing for so many years now reminded him how lost, empty and unfulfilling his efforts had been. From that day forward, he would take all he had learned from his strong Bible teachers, Pastor Joe Schiavone and Pastor Mike Mills and relate it into the music he still loved, hard rock.

   Along with longtime friend, engineer and drummer Jeff Forrest, they created the sounds you hear now for the prodigal sons and daughters whom have come back to accept God's word but still need to crank up some tasty hard rock!  And for those still sitting on the fence, a safe haven of positive influence to make the choice easier.

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1/1/17  Looking Back: 2016 started with a bang for us. We released our debut CD "Remnant Rock" on January 1st independently with the help of CDBaby. We received some really good reviews and more importantly, positive fan feedback. The fans at the listening party (including a mysterious bearded stranger) chanted for a live band to spread the music and message they heard. 

  The band formed almost effortlessly with the addition of Dave Nichols and Steve Langdon in a twin guitar assault. Next, at the suggestion of Norm's daughter Tessa, the same bearded stranger from the listening party, straight off the runway, Mat Busike to handle Bass duties!

 Our 1st practice was on May 10th and everyone got along swimmingly. Three major setbacks followed over the next couple months, testing our resolve and patience.

  During all of this, recording of the 2nd CD rolled on. This time however, the new guitarists added their amazing talents/gifts to the new songs pouring out of Norm.  Our 1st single "Never Letting Go" features Dave Nichols at his finest.

​  Traffic on the site has grown every month as we dangled snippets from everything we finished. Fans from Brazil, Russia, The Netherlands, the U.S. and even China are hungry for the Gospel we are cranking! We announced the name of our 2nd CD, "Choices". The year ended with a Rock and Roll road trip to Arizona to co-host The Covenant Metal show including an interview where the Gospel was shared!

​  Looking Forward: This year our plans and goals include playing LIVE with the band, the set list featuring songs from both CDs!  Our 2nd CD "Choices" should be released in early summer. We also plan on shooting a video for "Black Sheep" to precede the 2nd CD. At this point, we are honing our live act, building our backdrop,  designing t-shirts, photo shoots and recording.  This year, we want to work to become a ROCK AND ROLL GOSPEL CRANKING MACHINE!

Far off plans include a live CD in 2018 or 2019!

3/3/17 Here's a new snippet from "The Great Divide". Enjoy!