​​Norm Campbell was formerly a bass player with Sledd and co-founder of the Metal band Hard Echo with whom he recorded 2 CDs. He was also guitarist for Robotwife and a 30 yr. veteran of the recording studio. When God kept piling "coincidences" on him to the point where he could no longer ignore them, he changed many things in his life including the music he would make. The Crimson Bridge Ministry is his first project singing lead vocals. He played all the rhythm guitars and bass on both CDs as well as having written all the music and lyrics to glorify his new Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Musical influences include Van Halen, KISS, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Randy Rhoads, Scorpions, The Cult, Kamelot, Angra, etc. Christian artists he enjoys are Bloodgood, Theocracy, Stryper, Worldview, Harmony and Chris Tomlin.

Jeff Forrest is owner of Doubletime Recording Studio in East San Diego, CA. He is a professional recording engineer, our fantastic studio drummer and he sang three part harmonies on almost every song on both Crimson Bridge Ministry CDs! He has recorded Blink 182, Incubus, One Drop, Mike Keneally as well as his own solo project and a children's music CD he wrote. He also plays live gigs with San Diego based Southern Reign. ​

​​​Dave Nichols was inspired by Eddie Van Halen to play guitar in 6th grade admitting "I just couldn't put the guitar down". He worked hard at living the "Rock Star" life in high school with lots of drinking and drugs. His parents had enough of that and kicked him out of the house, sending him to a Christian retreat in the summer of 10th grade. "I went with my Zeppelin shirt, sleeves cut off and cigarettes, goofing off with a buddy and getting into as much trouble as possible. On the last night of the retreat, a nice girl shared Christ with me and I accepted Christ that night. Jesus met me where I was at and it was a radical transformation. I'll never forget the peace and happiness that came in to my heart and is still with me today." Dave played in the Christian band No Secret and several other secular bands including Van Duran and Inside Out where he also recorded. His musical influences include Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Toto, Journey, U2, Styx, Rush, Dream Theater, Rascal Flats, etc. Christian artists he enjoys include Lincoln Brewster, Guardian, Switchfoot, Kutless, Toby Mac, Family Force 5, etc. Dave is a family man and business owner. Dave hopes his musical gifts will allow him to share Christ with everyone!​​


Mat Busike was bitten by a cobra and simultaneously, struck by lightning. Formerly the lead guitarist for Birthrite and Awaken the Bear, our ninja hero now teaches music lessons. He plays 6, 7 & 8 string guitar, bass, uke, banjo and cello. He is also a runway beard model. Nicknames include "Chewy" & "John Goodman"

Jeff Forrest: Drummer & harmony vocals (studio), engineer, producer

Steve Langdon was born and educated in San Diego. His musical influences range from Heavy Metal to Jazz and Classical. He started playing music at 5 years old with the violin in orchestras and festivals, moving on to accordion by age 9 and upon hearing the Beatles at age 12, he picked up the guitar and "hasn't put it down since". He's studied music all his life including college, toured both nationally and internationally and recorded with and for many Grammy winning artists including Joan Jett, Roy Z, Tom Pick, Dennis Caplinger, Anthony Davis, Skeleton Key Orchestra and Dan Mahar. He has also been nominated by San Diego Music Awards for producing, playing, recording and mastering. Steve was in intricate part of the hard rock/metal movement that started in San Diego and Los Angeles in the late 70's/ early 80's playing legendary clubs like the Starwood, Whiskey and Troubadour, making movies and records during that time. He was raised and baptized as a Catholic but reborn at Calvary Chapel in North Park with Mike Macintosh. He's a member of the worship team at Carmel Mountain Church, the owner of Langdon Productions, a music teacher of theory, guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, dobro, bass and uke and still has the time to gig at O'Hungrys and Effin pubs as well as corporate events with Jukebox and Flagship cruise brunches. He admits "I'm blessed & love what I do".​​

Norm Campbell: Songwriter, vocalist, rhythm guitar (live & studio), bass (studio)

Brad Pogue: Harmony vocals (studio)

Mat Busike: Bass guitar (live)

Steven Langdon: Lead guitar, harmony Vocals

Brad Pogue is an important part of our recording team. He sang backup vocals with Jeff on every song on both CDs. He's also a bassist who plays guitar, keyboards & drums. He continues to write and record both Christian and secular music at his home studio as the Brad Pogue Project and with his band of school mates, Ignition.​

Dave Nichols: Lead guitar, harmony vocals